January in a nutshell

My neighbour has been slamming her door a lot today, it’s not something I usually notice or think to write about, but she has walked in and out of her house about five times in the last few hours and each time it’s almost as if she stops at the door, pauses for a second and then puts enough force in to slamming that door to throw a discus a considerable distance. Maybe it’s her revenge for the last time I accidentally flooded my kitchen…and subsequently hers.

Deep thoughts, yah?

So January = my birthday, Australia Day, surprising Holla with tickets to Big Day Out, back at the Library, back at the ABC, holiday planning, holiday saving, car purchasing, friends staying, moving house, doing homework..in a nutshell.

Yesterday I bought a car! It’s a Subaru Brumby, a bit of a boy car but in my mind, a very practical ride with a lot of character. They’re known for doing about 400,000 – 500,000 k’s before bowing out, so I should get a good 5 + years out of the little machine. But this morning when I woke up I noticed some oil splashes under my Brumby and I couldn’t help but feel a little pissed off, seriously I bought the thing yesterday, please don’t let it be a lemon! I have this horrible habit of being pissed off for a long time too, it basically lasted my whole drive to work, my arrival at work, and probably for the first two- three hours there, it was only when I eventually told someone that I realised it wasn’t the end of the world and that worse things definitely do happen.

My birthday was amazing and fantastic! I kicked the day off with jumping from a plane 10,000 feet in the sky, then headed over to a winery for a delicious lunch and finished it off with dinner with some mates and a movie. It was all so good and I felt all the warm fuzzy feelings you get from having good friends whom you love like family.

January has really been my month of untamed spending, so far I’ve bought a car, tickets to the States (!!!), tickets to a music festival and have booked my car in for a major service next Tuesday. I feel like my bank account is a sieve, but at least it is going to good things that I am ultimately going to enjoy….and I’ve got a full day shift at the ABC on Saturday so it’s making me feel slightly less guilty.

I’ve basically been ignoring my homework and now have 18 assignments to do in less than two weeks. It’s my fault and I need to get them done before I go overseas so I really do have to do them in less than two weeks. The start of the year is always crazy busy for me, I’m kind of looking forward to the challenge though.

And! Next week I’m moving! I can’t wait! It will be good to get away from the daily grind and I am a gypsy so it only feels right moving at least once a year.

I’m sure this year is going to be another amazing one. I’ve already got two trips lined up so for all the little shitty things that happen to me there are at least two amazing things coming my way.

Happy Australia Day, people!



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