The goings on.

Hello, hello. Life has been getting a bit crazy over these last few weeks so I haven’t really had the chance to sit down and write about it all.

At the moment I am just hanging out in my room, listening to Into My Arms, and thinking about how to  avoid the person in my house who just saw me looking at a photo of naked people….in my defence I was looking up details of an alternative festival in Australia called ConFest, held around New Years, which promotes being comfortable in your own skin, i.e. naked, if you wish. So I’m looking through this gallery of the festival, on my bed, home alone and I hear this little rattle from the lounge room, I figured it was just the wind stirring the bamboo screen and continued to look at the pictures, at that point my sisters boyfriend decides to jump out and scare the crap out of me right when I had a screen full of boob. It was awkward, especially because I was picking a wedgie so all in all it made me look like a total sleaze.

So that was what happened about ten minutes ago, but what about the last three weeks I hear you ask!?! Okay, I didn’t really. The last three weeks. SIGH.

That’s probably not a good way to put it, but seriously, it has been a little crazy. Last time I wrote I was on the verge of becoming a gym junkie before my little Corolla found ourselves in a bit of a spin. I definitely came off better than the car, and haven’t seen it since (ongoing insurance claim). So I’ve been taking the bus almost everyday, my parents have kindly lent me their extra car, but I find I’m so paranoid about driving it that I feel like I have to justify journeys.

Work has been work, it’s steady, it’s the ebb and flow- it’s all that jazz that makes life seem way too structured and constrictive. So I escaped for a little while and went for a quick road trip up the coast with my dad, we went to a whole heap of meetings around Canberra and then spent two days travelling down the coast. We stopped in at a friends house and he gave me an awesome book from the early 1900’s that is all about how a wife should behave. We argued about gay rights, tattoos, youth etc… went out on his boat and saw an eagles nest (amazing!).

I’m gearing up for my New Year’s break and a fundraiser next week which will hopefully raise about $1500, fingers crossed! Pictures will follow.

There have been birthdays, family feuds, and laughs with friends, these feel like all the usual things in life. Usual, but appreciated nonetheless.

I wish I had a bit more to say, but I feel like I should be writing emails not blogs!

Peace, photos to follow, love


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