Crying songs

When I was a kid I had songs designated to certain emotions. And out of all the songs I listened to, I distinctly remember spending more than one afternoon lying on my bed crying to K-ci and JoJo’s All My Life. 

Now when I think back on it, it seems  like a strange thing for a ten year old kid to do, but at the time it made perfect sense. Every time a pet died I would inevitably find the c.d. single hidden amongst my random collection, which included Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Aaron Carter, Shania Twain and Queen, turn it up loud and just let it all out.

It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to that song and cried dramatically. But today, when I came home and was crying so loud that I would classify it as sobbing, I felt the urge. So I flipped open my laptop, scrolled through my iTunes and played it loud. It felt good, and I remember now that the reason I played the song was because in my naive state the lyrics represented someone/something that you really loved and didn’t want to let go (not a boyfriend or girlfriend, but simply a best friend). I remember I used to sing along with the words and feeling that it felt like I was saying a prayer and saying goodbye to whatever had left me….I guess I felt like the song was giving me the opportunity to say all the things I didn’t get the chance to say in person.

So today when I called the panel beater and found out that my little car was a write-off, I cried like someone had died. I wish I could say I was being dramatic here, but for some reason I have such a strong attachment to my car that even writing about it is making me teary again. I’ve driven that car almost everywhere, to Canberra, almost Adelaide and to Eden a few weekends ago. And I’ve always said and honestly believed that if I won a stack of cash, doing up my little Corolla would be a high priority.

So I love my car like crazy, but that’s kind of irrelevant when it’s is deemed illegal to drive.

Moving up on on, but not before I say.

RIP little Corolla, I’m going to miss you.

And if this ad is anything to go by, you have definitely gone to some kind of car heaven.

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