Corolla 1990

My poor little Corolla got pretty bashed up today. I was driving along, humming to the radio and another driver hit me on the side.

It’s the second time my car has been hit this year and it’s always a shocking experience. The lady didn’t look carefully enough and didn’t see my car. As she pulled out I did three things, firstly I honked, then I attempted to break and after that I swerved. I feel like I probably shouldn’t have swerved but it was a bit of an instinctual reaction, either way she would have hit my car except in a different spot.

Afterwards she started crapping on as people do and said ‘oh, once I heard you honk I thought if I sped up you would miss me’. What kind of thing is that to say? I mean, if she had looked properly it wouldn’t have been an issue anyway.

So now I’m car-less and waiting for the insurance company to tell me if my car is repairable…

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