Six pictures, several weeks.

It’s been a while since I uploaded pictures, in fact I don’t think I’ve actually uploaded any personal pics. Here are some from the last few weeks.

In no particular order there is –

The Rose – a friend recently dropped by my house with a bunch of beautiful roses. I hardly ever get flowers so it was a lovely surprise.

Blurry at the beach – sometimes I really love blurry pictures and this is one of those times. The other weekend I road tripped with three friends down up to a little beach town in NSW. This photo was taken after several hours spent humming along in my little Corolla. The weather had been pretty horrible for most of the day, but was perfect when we had a short break from driving. It was still quite windy and the water was icy but it was just a fun moment and out of all the photos I think this one captured that best.

Bugs caught in a web – I recently spent a weekend relaxing at my family home in the county. The weather was balmy and there were insects flying in absolutely every direction. One savvy spider had set their web up in a busy thoroughfare and caught enough dinner for what looked like a few weeks. I just like the way the background in out of focus, it took a while to get this to work properly.

Bruise – the result of jumping off my kitchen bench. It turned purple today after a few too many knee push ups on a hard basketball court.

Maggie May and I – this was also on the road trip. We look like such happy little campers.

Bridge – Apparently one of the highest (largest?) trestle bridges in Australia. It was quite impressive.

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