So obviously NaNoWriMo is something you have to prepare for, it’s not quite the spontaneous walk in the park WordPress makes it out to be. It was fun attempting to write something again, but I think next year I should prepare something before I try to write.

Okay, these last few weeks. What have I been up to? The sun has finally come out so I’ve been outside as much as possible sucking in the Vitamin D. It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do to a girls mood.

I’ve been watching a little too much True Blood. It’s shit and addictive, which is probably the worst mix for a television show. I started watching it about two weeks ago and have found myself already half way through season four with nothing left afterwards…which I’m starting to think is a good thing.

Life is going along as usual, everyday I seem to meet someone a little left of centre and ‘quirky’. The best example being the high petrol station attendant who told me that a beautiful woman must buy the special of 2 cherryripes for $4.00. It was a pretty smooth line, but I told him I had to watch my figure and he seemed to think that was the funniest thing he had ever heard.

The other weekend I headed off to NSW and spent some time with good mates in a little town called Eden. The annual Whale Festival was on in town and we got the chance to see whales, dolphins and seals as well as oldies racing down the main street on motorised scooters. Good times.


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