Chair people.

The other night I scored a cheap ticket to a fantastic little festival that was held at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne.

Lawn tickets were only $25 for students, and with acts like Mavis Staples, Joss Stone, Paul Dempsey and Emmanuel Jal (to name a few), it seemed almost too good to be true.

The performances were all amazing, and Mavis Staples had me up and shaking my booty only a few songs in. Seriously, if this lady opened a church- I would be religious.

But during the night there was some tension. Tension between us simple picnic rug folk and the chair people.

I’ve really come to have a strong dislike of chair people, and I know I am generalising when I say this- but for the most part they seem to have some strange personality complex about their right to have a chair, kind of like city people and SUVs.

Apparently, chairs were contraband at this festival. But lo and behold two chair people had secured some prime viewing real estate and left a wake of disgruntled viewers.

I’m used to the chair people now and I just tend to bitch about them behind their back, expressing disbelief to friends and by making meaningful eye contact with others who obviously disagree with the situation, but are of a similar mind frame when it comes to confrontation.

One lady sitting close by became agitated enough to confront the chair people. As was expected, the guy was a bit of an asshole and told her to get stuffed. She sat back down, shocked and appalled and we made more meaningful eye contact.

It seems quite crazy that someone would set up a chair knowing that they were inconveniencing many others, but I guess everyone is different.

At one point the guy had a loud conversation on his phone during a moving performance of ‘Strange Fruit’, when people hissed at him and told him to shut up he just yelled ‘shut up’ back at them.

I feel like an old lady saying this – but ‘the nerve!’





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