I had an experience that I’m quite proud of earlier this week. I, Lucille, managed to write an essay in the space of four days. For anyone that knows me, they know this is something I just don’t do. Earlier this year, I had two backpacking friends stay with me for a week. To be honest, we didn’t really all know each other all that well at that point in time, we just got a long well enough for me to know that they weren’t planning to attack me in the middle of the night and sell my slightly crap possessions to the local cash converters….Anywho, so even after a few days of staying with me, both Katelijne and Taylor knew that I just wasn’t one for study. I’ll do almost ANYTHING to avoid sitting down to write an essay, and then I’ll suffer the punishment of staying up into the wee hours writing absolutely crapola just to avoid losing ten percent, when in reality, with a bit of preparation and motivation I could have written an awesome essay and GAINED 10 per cent. But that’s just not how I roll.

But recently, I’ve had to be a bit more organised. Working full time really doesn’t allow for my usual style of study and I find myself staying back after work just to get shit done (sounding very Australian here). So over Saturday and Sunday I dedicated two gloriously sunny days of freedom to writing an essay that was due on Tuesday. I wrote just over half and had a few other things to do so I left it on the shelf. Then on Tuesday it was once again, gloriously sunny. Did I go out and play? Did I frolick in the sun? Did I rip off my clothes and get some Vitamin D? Nay, I sat inside , researched and wrote for five hours straight. I sat on my lounge room floor searching databases and flicking through books till I couldn’t feel my arse, and it wasn’t until I had written the last sentence, edited my references and put together my cover sheet that I considered getting up and doing stretches. But I finished that essay! I whipped it’s butt and I think it might even get me a decent mark, here’s hoping.

So if you’re feeling particuarly academic and you want to read my little pride and joy and also learn a bit about a litle town called Alexandra in Victoria, Australia please click here, or if you are completely disinterested and can’t believe you have read this far….

Please stop reading and move onto someone else’s blog.

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