My neighbours cat.

My neighbours cat and I currently have a little war going on. Personally, I think the cat is winning because I am the one who has set up a little barricade so that it can’t enter my house when I have the door open. And it’s the one outside lolling in the sun, enjoying this beautiful winter/summer/Melbourne day.

It’s name is Harley and she walks weirdly. I’m not a cat person, and this cat in particular has a few issues. Namely, it entered the house the first week my sister and I moved in, then proceeded to hiss at me when I tried to make it leave. She also likes to rub her arse all over our furniture…..

Also, why is she called Harley, when she is a girl? I mean, Harley seriously makes me think this cat is a boy 100% of the time.

Anywho, last time Harley got in the house she ran under the couch and wouldn’t leave. I had to stomp around and make loud noises to scare her away. I’ve always hated it when animals do this because it makes me feel like I’m going to bend over to look for said animal and it will proceed to swipe at me with its claws and make my face look like confetti.

Yes, obviously I really don’t like cats. And annoyingly, I am also scared of their claws. I don’t think this is an unreasonable fear though, a few years ago my sister bought a hairless cat, which I instantly didn’t get along with. One day I was in the kitchen, minding my own business and making a sandwich. The cat decided that it wanted some of my sandwich, so it figured the best way to get some was to jump onto my back, lodge it’s claws into my skin and try to use me as a ladder. It effing killed. I was so shocked that I just stood there with my mouth open and my eyes went all glassy.

I don’t even know where I am going with this rant about cats, so I’ll just shut up now…

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