Meeting beautiful people, learning beautiful things.

About to head out for the night, but thought I’d squish in a little blog before leaving.

I’ve changed my desktop background to a picture of someone I really love, someone who I haven’t seen for over a year now. My nan.

It’s a beautiful picture, she is in the garden, smiling down at a flower she is holding in her hand. The sun is shining and there is a daisy in her hair. It’s beautiful. I’d put it here but I don’t want it to become internet property and words should suffice.

Every time I see the picture, I smile. It’s just as I remember Nan- she was always a beautiful person, I have no memory of her being any other way.

Time has passed so quickly, and it feels like it has been a long time since I saw her face, heard her speak and listened to the way her voice lilted when she sang. But words, looks and feelings always stay.

I remember being about eight, curled up in her lap and crying. She was trying to comfort me, telling me it would be okay. I can’t remember the exact words- but I remember feeling so safe in her arms.

I’ll always remember her smile and her laugh, and the wonderful things I learned from her.

Love you Nan, always.

x L

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