Starting fresh.

So…I thought it was time to ditch Facebook, bury my Blogger account and start something new…because, to be honest, over these last few weeks I’ve been doing something similar in the real world.

Reading back over my Blogger account there was this trail of unfettered thoughts and random, often failed goals that really do seem out of place with feeling good about oneself. So I went hunting for a new virtual home, and WordPress turned up.

Anyway, I’ll stop going on about my journey of destruction and discovery and get on with actually writing a blog. Lately I’ve been getting into my meditation. I started doing it last week at work in one of the sessions offered by the library I work in, and it’s really stuck. It’s become my little ritual before I go to sleep each night and a habit for when I’m stressed or agitated. I know it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a ‘habit’ when I only started doing it last week, but hey- it’s working for me- so I doubt I’m going to stop it any time soon.

Along with this I’ve decided to try and become an ethical eater. At first I went all extreme and convinced myself that I would try out being vegetarian, but then I ate tuna one night and beef another, and I realised that vegetarianism would be a very short-lived thing. So ethical eating, it’s easy to confuse it with expensive gourmet food, but what it really means is just considering where your food comes from, the impact it has on the environment and the quantity you consume.

Living like this seems like the right thing to do, it feels like it encourages respecting much more than the food you consume, but also your body.

Who knows, maybe I’ll even go for a jog one of these days?

So mediation, homework, work and food seem to be my main concerns these days.

Last night I actually managed to sit still for three hours straight and do homework! Yayyyyyyy! And today one of boss’ said she thought I should apply to do a library cadetship after completing my library traineeship. Another yayyyyy, this basically means she thinks I’m capable of doing something a bit more full on (i.e. awesome).

Okay, enough now. Tomorrow is Saturday! I was meant to go to a trivia night tonight but after driving around for 1.5 hours (when the e.t.a was thirty minutes) and arriving only to find parking was $4.00 an hour I thought, eff this after a five day working week, jumped back in my car, left a garbled message to the organiser, came home- meditated away my road rage- and watched some SATC. 

Then Sunday! Then back at work on Monday! Why does the working week feel like an eternity and the weekend feel like a blimp on the radar?

Night, all.

xx Lucie

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